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What We Do

At Al-Noor Charity Association, we kick-start development in remote villages around the world, empowering rural communities by providing the basic necessities of life from Water, Sanitation, Education, Livelihood and Socio-Economic Development thus lifting them out of poverty.


We’re passionate about solving the water crisis in our lifetime, using 100% of all public donations to fund water projects, and proving where every Rupees goes with photos and GPS coordinates. Here’s the progress we’ve made since we started working in 2014.

Deep well

people living in Sri lanka that, with our help, now relying

Dug wells

Providing water wells are Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous charity) for as long as the well supplies water – even after one’s death. Anas bin Malik reported he heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) say: Seven deeds that their reward is still written for a person even after he dies in his grave. Among them is digging a well and his child making dua’a (prayer) for him. ” [Saheeh Al-Targheeeb]

Water Meter

Water and sanitation
With chronic kidney disease being a serious health problem, particularly in rural Sri Lanka, Al Noor Charity is committed to providing families with access to safe drinking water to contain the threat. The works include the installation of water tanks, distribution of water filters in water purification and construction of wells.

Build a Mosque

Donate and give sadaqah to the Mosque Building Fund. This fund is used to construct the house of Allah in rural communities across Sri Lanka. Build a mosque in this world and build your palace in Jannah.

Housing Project

A house donation is a winning situation for all involved. When you donate a house to families, you win big satisfaction.

Ifthar Project

The month of Ramadan, filled with bliss and abundant blessings presents us with an opportunity to maximize our good deeds. One of such acts which all Muslims are encouraged to perform in excess is kindness and charity.

Dry Food

Easy work feed the food
You will not waste the good you did for them.
Nor pleasure that I have entered in them.
He has preached ﷺ Whoever feeds food will enter Heaven safely.
With your bid, we put a smile on their faces.

Dialysis Machine

continues to raise the efficiency of dialysis units in the Republic of Sri lanka in cooperation with the Al Noor Charity Association.
We believe that kidney patients and their loved ones deserve to lead fulfilled lives with quality care and choice. the process of filtering wastes and extra fluid from the body by means other than the kidneys. The two forms of dialysis are hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

Milk Cow

Assist the underprivileged to stand on their own feet

Poultry Farm

The needy the question.
He eats whoever works his hands.
He said (Because one of you gets a bundle on his is better for him than asking someone to give him or prevent him.


Donating to charity not only helps those in need, it can indirectly help your small business too. on charitable deductions for self-employed people that may help you reap benefits for the giving you do.


Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said It is better for you to learn and Teach the Quran
The companion is the It removes worry. explains the chest and guides you to the straight path of God.
all are participate with us in the Holy Quran Distribute Project.

Help patient

Charitable organizations are working not only to treat diseases but to provide long term solutions to improve health. Al Noor Charity organizations have brought about a revolutionary change by introducing medical camp funding platforms, to make sure that donors can reach out to the patients directly with their generous support.

Eye Camp

Many children and adults suffer from blinding cataracts. Your support can give the gift of sight.

Sewing Machines

Female self-employment is especially encouraged because higher incomes for women empower them, improve the health of their families, and alleviate poverty in society at large.

Bike for Self Employee

The right policies can help the self-employed to boost their earnings
above the poverty level and earn more for the work they do.

Pregnant mother

Help a Mom During Pregnancy and Birth. Your gift provides prenatal care and critical birth assistance from a skilled professional as she brings her child into the world.

Home Repair

Home Repair program this to repair or improve their homes to very-low-income homeowners

Emergency Relief

Road project

Halakathul quran

Sacrifice (Udhhiyyah)

Fithra Rice


Help For Marriage

Dawwah Project

Better care for orphans


School Bags

Monthly salary